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  • Improve the quality of goal setting, by linking individuals with their team, department and organisational goals.

    See things from your perspective.

    When you're dealing with fast-moving goalposts, we'll help you hit your targets. Find out how!
  • Positive engagement and motivation within a workforce, improving productivity, performance, efficiency and change.

    It's not about working. It's about a world working well.

    Create the right environment. Achieve the right outcomes. Find out how!
  • Maximising performance through innovation

    Share the bright ideas of some of the world's brightest people.

    Watch how Universities are achieving Performance for All. Find out how!
  • Simitive improves the quality of each appraisal by neatly linking individual progress to short-term as well as long-term goals, resulting in year-round and relevant performance management

    If performance matters, why are so many appraisals not up to the mark?

    Discover how, together, we can make it so much better... Find out how!


Discover how Simitive can set your world working well

We are in the business of rethinking how we go to work, in a way that really does work, both for the major commercial and public sector organisations we support and for the people they employ.

We’ve taken the key challenges of goal setting, performance management, learning and appraisal and created a unique, evolving, flexible, online work management system that links the success of individuals in achieving everyday objectives, with the delivery of top level organisational goals.

Goal alignment

When the goalposts keep moving, how can you manage your team to hit the target?

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Staff appraisal

If performance matters, why are so many appraisals not up to the mark?

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Smart thinking that ensures better understanding, better communication and better end results.

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Know just what your staff know and communicate efficiently about what you’d like them to achieve.

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Succession planning

Helping you identify and prepare the right people with the right skills.

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Talent management

See your hidden potential and then maximise it.

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360° An all-round perspective on being effective…

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A tool that allows people to see their contribution to their business is unique, exciting and motivating.

Róisín Cowan
Human Resources
University of Ulster

See the difference in your sector

UniversitiesHow we helped

Discover why Simitive is the world-leading supplier of performance management systems for Universities.

By understanding the unique challenges universities face we have developed a solution which delivers integrated goal setting, learning and on-line appraisal to increase staff motivation and productivity. Less than twelve months into this ground-breaking project more than 45 universities across four continents are today transforming the way they work.  

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Schools & Colleges
Schools & CollegesHow we helped

As the Teaching Standards Framework is introduced, Simitive opens the door for performance management in schools.

We have identified how schools can target appraisal and performance management in a way that hasn’t been done before, moving away from just teachers’ targets to show the broader contribution played by all staff to the schools wider objectives.

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ManufacturingHow we helped

Understand how Simitive can streamline, focus and develop your resources in a complex, client driven manufacturing environment.

We are delivering tools that reflect the dynamic, changing needs of manufacturing organisations, aligning every individual's effort and development with corporate and team goals - even when they work in complex, fast changing, project and matrix environments.

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PoliceHow we helped

Managing change, delivering efficiency and improving performance are the three challenges at the heart of British policing today.

By rethinking the approach to goal setting and working together with leadership teams, Simitive solutions are empowering police officers to better understand their role and their contribution, in an environment where the demands of efficiency often seem at odds with the necessity to deliver on emergency response.

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HospitalsHow we helped

Delivering more within challenging budgets demands focus and efficiency. Simitive offers bespoke Health Sector functionality to increase productivity whilst meeting complex and diverse challenges.

By enabling managers to set clear, SMART communication of individual and team objectives, we are aligning all effort with organisational needs. We are focusing on development of required competencies, values and behaviours of each individual - but scaled across organisations of thousands.

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Your sector
Your sectorHow we helped

At Simitive we take a partnership approach. We partner and connect organizations to others within their industry in a way that improves outcomes, speeds implementation and encourages innovation.

We've invested in businesses, and work with them to pilot new approaches and successful online solutions for performance management for their specific sector, sharing our knowledge and building on our expertise.  We would like to do the same with you.

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